Finding my niche as an #SLP2Be

Week 5 as a Graduate Student in Speech-Language Pathology has begun. I feel less overwhelmed in terms of my clients, however, paperwork is daunting. I am falling behind with SOAP notes, session plans, and time sheets. Working 20 hours a week as a Graduate Assistant for Disability Services adds to the chaos of the week – but it’s fun.

I’m finding myself more and more interested in teenage/adult clients, TBI, pragmatics, and articulation. There is so much I don’t know; when I come across things that interest me, something comes over me. I become insatiable and crave more information on certain topics. For example, Down’s Syndrome has me puzzled from experience in our clinic; therefore, when I started researching therapy techniques and not finding EBP ideas, I wanted to know more and more. Tonight I went to the journal storage section and ended up spending an hour just looking through all the old articles of journals like Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, and others that I came across. Nothing beats the feel of a physical book from 1964 in your hands 🙂

Our program at West Georgia is growing; I constantly want to help the Juniors who are just starting the first classes of the speech program. My roommate is a Junior, and seeing her stress and study over the woes of Anatomy and Physiology brought back memories (not great ones lol). I am loving what I chose to major in; no matter how much paperwork, stress, or work is added to my daily routine, I will never doubt what I am intended to be – a Speech-Language Pathologist. The first week of the clinic I wanted to cry because I was shown up by a  client; I was unprepared for the failure but it will be a story for the ages

Our CSD Awareness Day, where we invite high school students, pre-major, and undecided students to learn about the profession is coming in October. I organized it last year, but thankfully one of my friends took on the responsibility this year – that is a load off my plate – she will do wondermous 🙂

One day soon I will be planning my internship in Alaska; I need to start planning where, when, and what soon…very soon.

Here I come Alaska!

Oh….and a comic of course!

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