Spring Break – #SLP2Be style

Spring Break has officially started. Where am I? On the couch waiting for a friend to come over and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day early. At least I’m not knee deep in Dysphagia again.

Our test yesterday (Thursday) was easier than anticipated. My 12 page study guide was helpful; I swear when I get a client with Dysphagia of head and neck cancer…I know all the possible treatment avenues and risk factors. And I made an A to boot. 🙂

Update about Alaska: I am leaving May 2 from Atlanta International Airport and will be flying all sorts of ways to land in Anchorage, AK around 4:00 Alaska time. My new found friend, Jeanne Sorenson, will be picking me up. Her and her husband have graciously offered their home to me for the 10 days I will be there. I. CAN’T. WAIT. It only makes the waiting longer when I think about it. So I don’t. But I kinda do. All right…I think about it tons, but I am beyond excited my dream is happening.

About 3 weeks ago “I had a dream” of creating an Executive Functioning Group for College Students with ADD, ADHD, and LD. I wrote the dream down, then went and found 15 articles to support my dream (Evidence Based Practice at its finest), then submitted a rationale to my Clinic Supervisor. To my astonishment, she loved the idea. NOW….I will be hosting an Exec Functioning group for this population on-campus this Summer 2012. What is still the unknown here, is if anyone will actually sign up for the class. 😦 I have hopes, but if I get at least 3 people…I will probably cry from excitement. Here is the Flyer for my group …

UWG Study Sessions Flyer – Summer 2012

I’m turning it into an ASHA Poster Presentation for this November —Hopefully it will be accepted and I can present. What fun that would be?!

Over Spring Break I’m going to Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation to observe an SLP on-staff and have an informal interview for my mini-medical internship in Fall 2012. Hope all goes well and they like me 🙂

And some humor

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