#SinceWeBeingHonest + SLPeepEcho

I noticed #SinceWeBeingHonest is trending today on Twitter.  Beyond the use of auxiliary “be”, I find it interesting so many people were compelled to share something honestly.

I think I will join the #SinceWeBeingHonest bandwagon with some #SLPeep truthiness:

#SinceWeBeingHonest SLP grad school is not as easy or as difficult as I imagined

  • I imagined I would be neck-deep in books 24/7 and speaking SLP jargon like a crazy person
  • Turns out I’m only knee-deep in books/internet 3 hours a day 4 days a week. With a job, extras, and friends on the side to keep it manageable
#SinceWeBeingHonest My graduate courses are intense yet interesting…
  • Dysphagia, Aural Rehabilitation, Voice Disorders, Language and Literacy —so much to learn and know for life.
  • You can really do some damage if you don’t know what your are doing and how all this info works on real-life patients
  • It really was important to know all the muscles of the head, neck and face #duh
#SinceWeBeingHonest I am glad I chose to be a Speech-Language Pathologist
  • I thought I was going to be a Home Economics teacher or an Elementary school teacher…this is so much more challenging and exciting
#SinceWeBeingHonest The University of West Georgia’s Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Program is awesome
  • I thought since I went here for Undergrad it would look bad to go here for Grad too
  • I regret nothing.
  • I’m learning and getting experience. Doesn’t matter where I am, I’m getting what I need and hope to be a great SLP
Spring Break is coming to an end…but that means I’m a few weeks/month closer to visiting Alaska (May 2!!!)

3 thoughts on “#SinceWeBeingHonest + SLPeepEcho

  1. Hello,
    My name is Amanda and I was just accepted to the UWG graduate SLP program for Fall 2012. I was hoping to possibly talk with you about the program and the area! I am from California and know little about what is around there! Look forward to hearing from you!


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