SLP Humor Part 2

With all the social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Tumblr – which invade us with pictures, quotes, and opinions, I want to share a few of the things I’ve come across over the past few years which have made me smile, laugh, and/or agree with. I wish I had done a better job of tagging where I got the images from; just know the only image in this post that is my own is the one above (purple socks).

<<This book was in a shop in Chattanooga, TN. Perhaps this would be a good book to discuss grief with…this dino just looks so heartbroken.

In therapy you could discuss why he is all by himself, why his neck is awkwardly long, or what death means for his own species.

What a book 🙂

Ahh, exams. I found this picture in the>>> midst of final exams in Fall 2011.

The perfect comic comes along at the perfect time. I wish I could recall all the things I recalled from the days of studying for hours.

<<<When I was waiting on my Graduate School acceptance/rejection letters in Spring 2010, I wanted so desperately to post this to UGA, Georgia State, and UWG’s Facebook pages or send to admissions. I was not a patient person those months I waited by the mailbox (it came in an e-mail, just for the record).


When in Dysphagia class the other day, we all looked at each other’s oral cavities just as practice. I’ve concluded Uvulas are not only odd to say,  they are essential to velopharyngeal port closure , nasality, and  non-awkward looking throats. 🙂

“There’s an app for that” Every child born in the past few years will never know life without apps. In another few years, what other phrases will be a part of our culture and languages? I hope we never let children loose the ability to imagine a world of their own creation. Magical unicorns, princess, fairies, castles, and happy thoughts. Great part of growing up in my opinion.

This type of alarm would be ever-so-helpful on days I don’t want to get up.


Although, it would be painful. Ouch.

That is probably enough for now. More to come.

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OK one more comic …

3 thoughts on “SLP Humor Part 2

  1. Haha, thanks for the giggling break from…what else…grad school work. They say it will end someday and we’ll actually be SLPs. I’m beginning to wonder…

  2. Haha! My favorite is the last one. And thanks for leaving your mark on my blog. It always feel good when you’ve got people telling you ‘been there, done that’ and to be honest I’m ready for the challenge.

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