Kenai Peninsula – Alaska

After a few years of Alaska dreaming, on May 2, 2012 I boarded a plane in Atlanta, Georgia to fulfill my dream. I had multiple purposes for the trip: observe 3 Speech-Language Pathologists, be a super touristy tourist, and figure out if I could live in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. I think my trip was a success…so I shall share my success in hopes others may have similar aspirations today or in the future.

I used to find my round-trip flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Anchorage, Alaska. For some reason (which I attribute to the mercy of the Lord), my round-trip flight was $438.00…ridiculously cheap thank goodness. Then I took a small connecting flight from Anchorage to Kenai, Alaska on a small plane via ERA Alaska Airlines for around $100. I left ATL at 7:30am on May 2 and finally arrived in Kenai Alaska about 12:30pm May 3.

I didn’t make too many plans since the people I was staying with were locals; I figured they would tell me the best places better than Google. If you ever go and want some awesome places to eat and visit, check these out:

In Kenai, Alaska:

In Homer, Alaska:

  • At the very end of the Homer Spit there is a hotel and restaurant called Lands’s End with some amazing food (little pricey) and a view of the Aleutian  Mountain Chain literally right outside the windows.
  • Check out Salty Girls Gift shop behind the Salty Dawg Bar – cute stuff and right on the docks of the Homer Spit
  • There were other shops that weren’t open yet when I went – many of the shops don’t open until Memorial Day.
  • Blackberry Bog is a unique little store in Homer – has some unique finds
  • The Pratt Museum has a diverse Alaskan collection of art, science, and cultural finds unique to Alaska (inexpensive too)
  • The Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center was the most unique and interesting visitors center I have every visited. Great Place!

I also had the spur-of-the-moment opportunity to go on a 3rd grade field trip to Halibut Cove, Alaska. We left the Homer Spit at 8:00am and took a 45 minute ferry ride over to Halibut Cove. Then walked another 15 minutes to this private beach where we went tide pooling. We found tons of star fish, crabs, eels, octopus, sea urchins, and other animals that were left on the beach from low tides. We don’t have those kinds of field trips in Georgia.

As I observed the 3 SLPs in the local elementary schools, I realized how much I would like to work in a school. I still would like to see what the medical field has in store for me, but I believe I will do my CF in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. It is a year from now…but a girl can dream, right?!

Here are some photos from my lovely adventure!


On the Beach in Kenai, Alaska
Welcome to Kenai 🙂
The Visitors Center View in Homer, Alaska
The Kenai River Flats and a view of the Volcanoes near Kenai
View of Alaska from Above 🙂
Me in Homer Alaska viewing Kachemak Bay and the Aleutian Mountains