ASHA 2012 Convention Theme

2012 Convention

The 2012 ASHA Convention theme is “Evidence of Excellence: Opportunities and Outcomes

Besides sounding like a writing assignment for my Current Trends Class, the theme does build on the profession’s need to inform current and future practices by “building the evidence base”. In honor of living in the great state of Georgia which is hosting the Convention, I would like to offer an alternative explanation, Southern style:

Imagine you grew up eating a big serving of sawmill gravy over homemade biscuits for breakfast every morning (which I had many a time). All you ever knew of breakfast was this delicious treat. Then, someone introduced you to Chicken and Waffles. The “opportunity” to experience a new, exciting level of deliciousness only adds to your repertoire of breakfast treats. You may not entirely abandon your favorite breakfast staple, but change happens (remember my “cheese” post). The “outcome” of you trying new, Southern breakfast delicacies is a full stomach, (perhaps) higher cholesterol, and some of the BEST food you have ever tasted.

Despite whether you like either of those 2 meals, my point is that no matter what level of  Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology experience you have achieved, somewhere, there is evidence just waiting to add to and enhance your excellence.

UPDATE: I will be an official blogger of the 2012 ASHA Convention in November so stayed tuned for more updates and similar posts.

Dream big people!

He has the idea! Dream big!

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