The #SLPeeps at ASHA 2012 – Atlanta or Bust

So what’s been happenin’ in yalls neck o’ the woods? (as we say in the South) I’ve been busy with my new part-time medical internship at the hospital where I live. Loving the hospital setting, doing modified barium swallow studies (MBSSs), and seeing clients for both in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation and assessment. But, I digress…

Before the internet or even in the early 2000s, you had to read the ASHA leader, attend conventions, or call/write/telegram an SLP or AUD friend to find out the latest news. When Twitter launched in 2006, I distinctly remember saying, ” I will never use Twitter; that is for hipsters.”

Well here I am in 2012, using Twitter, and using it daily. Don’t judge me; if anything, you should join the ranks. I mentioned in a previous post  the common practice is to Google therapy ideas to supplement Evidence Based Practice. Well in order for Google to answer these requests, there must be someone to post the answer first. Other, more experienced SLPs have begun answering questions and posting ideas for others to find, such as: @SLPTanya @Azspeechguy , @speechtechie , @apujo5@Speechreka , @ActivityTailor , @mtmarySLP , and many, many more.

The idea of Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) is not merely a passing notion or lone hobby for the techy enthusiasts; rather, it is something SLPs and AUDs should embrace. A precious few began the #slpeeps fever on Twitter, which has grown  since the idea took hold. This year at the 2012 ASHA Convention in Atlanta, GA, Pediastaff is hosting booth #1823 in the Career Fair as a “Social media learning center” so #SLPeeps can teach others who may be new or totally unaware of how to use social media in the profession. Pediastaff also came up with the new #slpeeps logo and t-shirt with our new friend Julio:

Buy your t-shirt today:

You don’t have to wait until the 2012 ASHA Convention in Atlanta to join in.

Check out the Common hashtags (#) to get started:

#slpeeps – when you have a question or tweet about something SLP related

#slp2b – if you are just getting started in the profession as an SLP undergraduate or graduate student

#SLPbloggers – if you want to find other bloggers who discuss all things SLP

#asha12 – if you want to discuss the 2012 ASHA Convention in Atlanta, GA

#audpeeps – all things audiology

Twitter Handles (names) to start following for SLP or AUD related tweets.

*Hint: Look at who they follow, then follow those people for more SLP overload*

@ASHAweb – the official Twitter for ASHA

@SLPeepsBlog – This Twitter handle only follows those who write blogs about SLP or AUD

@SLPeeps – a place to look for those who may use the #slpeeps hashtag and other SLPs

@NSSLHA – official handle of National NSSLHA for SLP students

Posts to help you get started

Nomenclature and basic functions of Twitter (AKA Twitter 101 for SLPs and AUDs)

Getting in on the Conversation: Tips to Get Involved in Twitter

What do you think of Twitter and these Personal Learning Networks?

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