SLP Graduate School Midterm

In undergrad, studying for a midterm in a course like Biology, math, history, etc. was more about the short-term. How little can I study in order to make an A or B? or What do I need to make in order to make my desired grade? I’m sure others may disagree with this mentality, but that’s how I got things done. Now,  in SLP graduate school, I need to know this information for the long-term. I realize I will have these textbooks/resources down the road, but when I am assessing or treating a client, there are just certain things I need to know immediately. Thus, I study differently.

I have a midterm in Neuropathologies of Language on Tuesday covering the following topics from our Brookshire (2007), An Introduction to Neurogenic Communication Disorders, textbook:

  1. Neuroanatomy
  2. Neurologic Assessment
  3. Assessment of Cognition
  4. Assessment of Language
  5. Context for Intervention
  6. Aphasia
  7. Right Hemisphere Syndrome

Then, on Thursday, I have a Motor Speech Disorders test covering the following topics from our Duffy (2005) Motor Speech Disorders: Substrates, differential diagnosis, and management textbook:

  1. Flaccid Dysarthria
  2. Spastic Dysarthria
  3. Ataxic Dysarthria
  4. Hypokinetic Dysarthria
  5. Hyperkinetic Dysarthria
  6. Unilateral Upper Motor Neuron dysarthria

*If you would like my delightfully detailed study guide, feel free to email me*

For the purposes of my sanity, I needed some humor. I took time to look at some of my favorite comics, then made one of my own. Enjoy and wish me luck this week as I try not to stress. – Patches comic – Comic
Abdominal Snowman –
comic –
SLP_Echo original. Pray for me #slp2b

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