Flash Mob at #asha12

The shenanigans amongst the #slpeeps have been in full swing over in the Twitterverse. In the past few weeks, one big development has emerged which has me quite excited.

A Flash Mob.  Yep, so join in the fun and don’t forget to sign up here. Follow the details via Twitter using the hashtag #ashamob

Mob it Up

Check out the original post by @atklingensmith over at speechieapps.com.

Are we seriously doing this??

>>>Yes, Seriously>>



Check out the video:  #SLPeeps Flash Mob at ASHA 2012 


About SLP_Echo

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP) working in Alaska.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Katie!!! Anyone who wants to join can email me ASAP at atklingensmith @ gmail . com! 🙂

  2. details please! I’ll be at the convention with a group of classmates from Stockton College of NJ!

    • YAY! #asha12 Email atklingensmith @ gmail. com for the details. We are trying to keep the specifics quiet. There is a video for the dance moves, details on time/place, and lyrics/music to the song remake of “Call me, maybe”…It is going to be AWESOME!!!!

      Hope you and your classmates will join…even if you can’t dance, join in!

    • Awesome, Gina! As Katie mentioned, definitely send me an email! Have any other classmates who would like to join email me as well! It’s atklingensmith @ gmail . com.

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