ASHA 2012 Convention

ASHA Convention Posters: Tips and Suggestions

Since learning I made it into the battle rounds of presenting at #asha12 , I’ve asked around for advice on how to create these mystical posters. It is quite difficult to find an example online, much less how to go about putting one together. Have no fear, I’ve done all the work for those of you still searching.

Here are a few tips and helpful links to help make an ASHA Convention Poster Presentation:

1. Download my ASHA poster presentation example which has appropriate formatting for creating a poster in PowerPoint.

  • 48 x 36 inches

2. Check out these Guidelines for making your poster accessible to those standing close or further away.

  • Here are the font highlights of the above for reeling in ASHA attendees just glancing from 3 to 6 feet away
    • Title font: 72 to 158-point font (aka .72 inches to 1.5 inches)
    • Section Titles: 46-56-point font
    • Body text: At least 24-36 point font
  • Use a non-serif font such as Veranda for the ASHA poster
  • Use infographics that add to the presentation, not distract like laser beams or some nonsense

3. Things to keep in mind for when displaying the poster:

  • The poster board holders are made of fabric with an aluminum frame, which you can attach with pushpins. (leave your staple guns at home ladies and 4 gentlemen)
  • Include the session code where people won’t miss it. Aka, don’t hide it under a bushel…NO.
  • The new statement about conflict of interest needs to be on the poster. I would put it at the bottom just in case your conflict of interest is pretty conflicting. Since I don’t have any conflicts, I thought about making  one about being in a gang with @JulioSLPeep, but since I’m trying to get a job, I will abstain from any gang affiliations (#slpeeps are the gang sign, fyi).

4. Check out ASHA’s Poster Session Information and their Poster Presentation Tips

  • They are pretty effective at making communication accessible and achievable for all (<<see what I did there??)

5. Cost to print ASHA posters: Be prepared to pay $40 – $100 to have your ASHA poster printed in color and laminated. Classy is the only way to go; no one wants an un-class poster. I plan to hang mine in my room till I get my money’s worth. This #slp2b is living off her piggy bank, folks.

If you are going to the 2012 ASHA Convention in Atlanta, don’t forget to stop by my poster presentation to see the finished product: Session #7245 “Executive Functioning Training in College Age Students” by Katie Millican (aka @SLP_Echo) on Thursday, Nov. 15 from 3:00pm-4:30pm.

3 thoughts on “ASHA Convention Posters: Tips and Suggestions”

  1. thank you. it was useful. but any other links for a template, I was finding it difficult to fit in my data and figures

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, which is quite helpful.
    How many words can the Abstract be?
    Thank you,

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