2012 Edublog Awards: Nominations

I continue to share the amazingness of blogs with people who still ask “What’s a blog?”. Here is our opportunity  promote and demonstrate the educational values of these social media. Allow me to nominate the best-of-the-best on the web: 

Best individual blog: I’m going to step away from my speechie-roots for this one, and say “Second Lunch” is my all-time favorite best individual blog this year. One niche of my blog is to share humor with nuggets of knowledge, and @Timmer_O continues to do this with his comedic genius.

Best student blog: Hanna B. Grad Student SLP. Whether she knows it or not, I started my blog because I saw how she shared SLP2B info and how helpful it was for me when I started my journey in SLP graduate school. Follow her blog to stay up-to-date on the rest of her journey as an SLP.

Best administrator blog: Eric Sheninger and his blog “A Principal’s Reflection” and on Twitter @NMHS_Principal. He is a principal and takes the time to share information, inspire others, and be an amazing administrator I’m sure.

Most influential blog post: As new #slpeeps begin to find Twitter, I consistently direct them to @SLPTanya‘s blog “Lexical Linguist”, and more specifically her post “Nomenclature and basic functions of Twitter (AKA Twitter 101 for SLPs and AUDs)

Best individual tweeter: I’m going to go with @cmcniece who happens to be an Audiologist in the making but actively chit-chats with the #slpeeps. Always sharing good info for the #slp2bs out there too 🙂

Best twitter hashtag: Hands down the #slpeeps …I never thought I would use Twitter like I do now. When a hashtag becomes part of your professional tool box, that’s when you know it rules.

There are so many amazing blogs in the Blogosphere that to pick just a few is challenging. I am honored to have nominations for a student blog award and humbled to know the people on my Blog Roll and beyond. Don’t forget your nominations!!

Second Lunch Comics

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