“Less Competitive” SLP Graduate Schools discussion

I’ve recently become fascinated by the SLP sub category on Reddit.com. It’s an open forum for questions, links, and information; in this sub-Reddit (as they say), there has been quite the discussion on “less competitive” SLP graduate schools.  When I was applying, I didn’t think any grad school was less competitive than another. I thought they all had equally competitive application processes. And to be honest, I associate “less competitive” with “easy” “accepts lower GPA/GRE” or “less applicants”. And in some ways, I guess that’s true.

There are two threads of discussion on this topic that I’ve focused on.

  1. Reddit: On 4/9/2014, the question “What are some “less competitive” SLP grad programs” was posed to the group. Currently at 18 comments at the time of this post, it’s a great discussion.
  2. TheGradCafe.com: On 1/23/2014 a user started the “Fall 2014 “Less Competitive” Grad Programs Applicants Thread!”. Currently at 250 replies, it’s an amazing read if you want to scour the pages.

I think what interests me the most is the sheer number of people searching this type of information. I get lots of hits on my blog with similar search terms. People want to get into this profession, yet are blocked at the door. I’m scared for my readers and happy for the ones that make it. But there are so many applicants that are worthy and passionate. I just wish there was more room for everyone.

Give these threads a read if you are interested. My thoughts on “less competitive” grad schools is that truly, there aren’t any. Searchers looking for an answer, there are suggestions in these posts that “safety” school exist. I just don’t know if that’s solid advice. Maybe I’m just uninformed or cynical in the matter. But nothing short of hard work, experience, and determination will get you into grad school. And even that isn’t always rewarded with a ticket.

Keep at it readers. Keep asking and keep discussing. If others have success, learn from it and use it as fuel for your own fire.


3 thoughts on ““Less Competitive” SLP Graduate Schools discussion

  1. I honestly think that if I was just starting to try to get into Grad School, I’d have a hard time getting in. Thank goodness I was in the right place at the right time! 🙂

  2. Nate Finn

    My school (Misericordia University in Dallas, PA) has an accelerated 5 year Master’s. If you start there, you don’t need to take the GRE. As long as you maintain at least a 3.5 gpa you are automatically accepted into their grad program. ASHA recently was there for their re-cert and they said we have one of the best programs and clinics for such a small campus. I did have some people xfer in for grad school who had to take the GRE and they said it was tough. So I agree with you, there is no easy way.

  3. Mopeysealion

    I went to a smaller school for undergrad. Some of my classmates had lower gpas and gres, some had higher. The ones with higher scores applied to our school or another nearby, and many got in. The ones with lower had to move further away to get accepted, but everyone who passed the program got in somewhere. When trying to decide where to apply to grad school I drove around the country and visited tons of schools, many of which I chose to apply to. I had an excellent gpa, reasonably high gre scores, and got accepted to about half the schools I applied to. After my travels, and going through the application process with my peers, I formed this opinion: what school you go to can matter, in a lot of different ways, and in a lot of ways you wouldn’t think of. For example, at Boulder they taught all of their classes one after another in one day, instead of spreading them throughout the week. Further, the classroom was filled with tiny, old fashioned wooden desks. Anyone would be uncomfortable in them, but especially anyone larger. Something so important that I never would have known had I not visited. A new clinic can look great- but check if the money for that sparkling new clinic came from insurance paying to rebuild post hurricane damage- there might be hurricanes interested in uplifting that new clinic too. High ranking schools can sound great, but a lot of that ranking comes from research, and your teachers will be busy doing that research, not just focused on teaching you. Just a few of the many things I figured out. Don’t discount the schools that are easier to get into because they have fewer applicants to pick from- and don’t jump at the higher ranked schools because they look nice on paper. Besides, after you graduate everyone will want to know why you didn’t go to school at your local university.

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