Waiting on those CCCs

I mailed off my ASHA CCC-SLP application at the end of May 2014. It’s now mid-July.

ASHA has a good excuse though. The new 2015 standards start this Fall and all ‘old standard’ applications must be in before September (I think, some actual date that I’m too lazy to look up). I get it, ASHA. I do. But these feelings of anxiety bring me back to 2011 when I applied for grad school and spent every day checking my inbox, mailbox, and any box that came near me.

It’s not hampered my summer vacation by any means. Oh no. Nothing can take the Alaska bliss away from me. My distinct blog post absence has to be a sign to you, oh wonderful readers, that I’m enjoying every minute of these 18+ hour days.

But I’m still checking my bank account for the day ASHA cashes that $280 check they are keeping hostage. I’ll call in a negotiator if need be. I’ll let you guys know how the situation plays out. Until then, enjoy these Alaska summer time pics. #stillwaiting






3 thoughts on “Waiting on those CCCs

  1. Congratulations on almost having your CCC’s! You have put in much work and effort over the last several years to get that. I’m sure the last few months of waiting have been strenuous. Luckily, you have had the beauties of Alaska to help keep your mind focused. I love Alaska!
    In the meantime, I have created a tool for you and for other speech language pathologists and all sorts of licensed and certified professionals that will really help you throughout your career. I would be honored if you went to the Apple app store and downloaded my new app for free and check it out to see how it will help you track your continuing education, stay on top of the renewals of your licenses, association memberships, CPR certifications, etc. it will only be free for a limited time. After downloading and looking at it, I would be honored if you shared the app with your friends and associates. Thank you very much for your time. Here is the link: bit.ly/joycetracker

  2. I sent my application mid-May right after I graduated. (I wanted to apply now so I could go in under older standards). I just got my card in the mail last week, so yours should be coming sometime soon!!

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