Attending the 2014 ASHA Convention

What a great first day here at the 2014 ASHA Convention in Orlando, Florida Here’s a breakdown of my first day’s adventures:


  • 8:30-10:00 Opening General Session where theASHA president spoke and introduced the Key Note speakers, the Belafonte family. A few quotes from their speech:
    • “I found out that the menu life put in front of me was not as rich as anticipated…” yet they moved on and took advantage of opportunities that came to them, whether or not they offered any monetary gain.
  • 10:30-11:30 I went into the Poster room and hit a few presentations that focused onSLP graduate student interests. I am planning tofollow up via email to get more information to share with my readers:
    • Research, Evidence, Application, & Learning (REAL) Talks: Inspiring the Future of Communication Disorders #7003
      • REAL Talks, a seminar modeled after TED Talks, is a creative learning environment integrating these concepts to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and evidence-based technology implementation through an interactive learning environment. **Loved this idea!!**
    • Interviews for Graduate Admissions: One Program’s Implementation Plan
      • One program’s process of implementing an interview as part of graduate admissions. To admit those students who had the best potential of succeeding in the program, the personal interview was created to further evaluate applicants other than only through GPA and GRE scores. **I’m hoping the rubric/tool they created I can share with you all!**
    • Availability of CSD Admission Information to Prospective Graduate Students
      • By far my favorite poster!! The authors hit hard on how little some Universities disclose on their websites. And how little they disclose on the phone too.
      • Admission statistics from approximately 250 programs in speech-language pathology were collected for analysis from internet websites, including ASHA’s EdFind, and websites of individual graduate programs. Because programs are not required to report admission requirements, data reported on individual websites vary among programs with some information incomplete or not reported.

csd info poster 2014

  • 11:30-3:15 I was at the Tactus Therapy booth discussing and sharing my favorite apps withSLPs in all settings
    • Huge sale until December 1, 2014 – my favorite app, Speech Flipbook, is on sale for $4.99. Best $5 you’ll ever spend.
  • 3:30-5:00 I wandered around the Exhibit Hall and chatted with some of my favorite exhibitors, met new friends, and just gathered a slew of pens2014-NSSLHA-Experience


Today is The NSSLHA Experience which I plan to attend as much of as possible to share with you all, my lovely readers! If you see me…say hi. 🙂

And me, writing this post 🙂



3 thoughts on “Attending the 2014 ASHA Convention

  1. Jen

    Great post! Thanks for all of the info…keep it coming 🙂 I considered going to the convention this year, but the cost of the flight was a little too much for me…especially since the event was taking place so close to Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience! I was wondering if you recommend Speech Flipbook for SLP undergrad students as well? Or should we wait until we are closer to actually beginning to practice as an SLP so that we have the most current apps to choose from?

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