Cautionary Optimism for SLP2B

Are you jaded yet upon applying to SLP graduate school? 

I’ve been an SLP now for 3 years following 6 straight years of school. I’m not one that can complain about being rejected from every program, but on behalf of those who are, AHHHH!!!

There’s a system at work that not many are aware of until you’re so far committed to the profession that now you’re jaded. The SLP undergraduate programs out there roll out the welcome mat for all who hold the flame for SLP. Those who know this is what they want to do; those who have gone to great lengths to show they care; those who are so excited about the prospect of joining the profession they don’t dwell on the possibility of not being accepted to a grad program.

And these ladies and few gentleman happily and with great zest enroll in CSD courses, putting forth all their effort to obtain those coveted A’s.


Unfortunately, the welcome mat is rolled up and thrown out back after you get your undergraduate degree in CSD. Now, it gets competitive and frustrating. It’s a waiting game; a game that graduate programs aren’t concerned about losing. They have all the chips, you’re in their line so just accept it.

It’s fall and most of you have started a program if you’ve been accepted. For others, its a season of “What Now?”. I’ve thrown out the advice of SLPA positions – but I’m not that green. Those jobs are more elusive than graduate school admissions. What else can you do? I’m here to admit the options are limited. Many of you have found other avenues through local school systems as substitutes or special education support staff. Others have been able to connect with local clinics to work in some fashion. But mostly, people are in a cycle of waiting.

If you’re pursuing a career as a Speech-Language Pathogist, it can be a bumpy road. Full of disappointment and anxiety. Or…for the rarer few, like me, it can fall into place. Be realistic. Be optimistic but with a certain caution in your steps.

Carry on.

One thought on “Cautionary Optimism for SLP2B

  1. Aundrea

    Thank you for your information and resources. As an undergrad student, I was so focused on getting to grad school that I didn’t know about the competiveness and class size of programs, considering moving to attend a program, and alternate career paths.

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