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How much do SLPs make?

In Spring 2021, ASHA conducted a survey of SLPs and their annual income. Across all facility types, the Median annual income was $78,000 with the higher (75th percentile) salary reaching $90,000. Good to know ASHA, thank you very much.

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I nerd-ed up another level though and went to the Census Data – here. According the the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 147,470 SLPs were employed at the time of the measure reported in May 2021. Of those, the annual wage was $85,820, somewhat higher than the annual income reported by ASHA’s independent survey. Mean hourly wage was reported at $41.26 in this data as well. If you’re in the 90th percentile, hourly wages were $60.36 or annually $125,560

Industry Profile

No surprise here, that the lowest annual wage reported comes in with Elementary and Secondary School SLPs at $75,650 annually. While home health care service providers reach $110,850 annually as the highest paid SLP industry. California, Hawaii, New York, , New Jersey, and D.C. are the 5 highest paying states with the highest wages for SLPs.

Annual SLP wage by State, May 2021

I thought I’d include some Alaska facts for my fellow 240 licensed SLPs. The Census Data website allows users to create customized Excel spreadsheets if you’re into that sort of thing. Obviously I am (link).

Alaska employs a few more SLPs than Puerto Rico (140) and Hawaii (220). The annual SLP salary for Alaska was reportedly $87,000 with the 90th percentile average making $101,570.

I write all this in an effort be more transparent. There’s discussion that transparency in income is risky, especially for women. Stigma and retaliation are the risk. I’m just going to share my annual salary and hourly rate because transparency is what helps those starting out and those of us moving upward know what to ask for. Women and minorities are especially vulnerable to lower wages compared to white men and women. My annual SLP Net Income Salary with my 9 years clinical experience is $100,380.80. Hourly rate is $46.63. This being in a pediatric outpatient clinic for a healthcare organization.

I hope this helps some of you out there know what to expect or what to ask for. #slpeeps

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