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How much do SLPs make?

In Spring 2021, ASHA conducted a survey of SLPs and their annual income. Across all facility types, the Median annual income was $78,000 with the higher (75th percentile) salary reaching $90,000. Good to know ASHA, thank you very much. Complete Document I nerd-ed up another level though and went to the Census Data - here.… Continue reading How much do SLPs make?

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My Top 5 Pediatric Feeding Disorder CEUs

I have had the direct pleasure of some excellent in-person mentors along my journey to learn and work with Pediatric Dysphagia and Feeding Disorders. Those who mentored me gave me the best gift - the gift of guided ways to invest in continuing education. *I'm NOT being paid by any of these CEU providers. I… Continue reading My Top 5 Pediatric Feeding Disorder CEUs

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Private Speech Therapy in Alaska

I've been working in a Developmental and Behavioral Clinic since August 2017 here in Wasilla. It's been a whirlwind start full of 50 "new" things to learn. The thing about being a Speech-Language Pathologist is that you never know all you're going to know. It's a never ending cycle of  self-talk like this: "Oh, I… Continue reading Private Speech Therapy in Alaska


ASHA Fitness 8 in 5

Over the past year, several SLPs and AUDs have come together to create a support system for getting healthy and staying active through various editions of what we’ve called #ASHAFit challenges. The challenges have ranged in lengths and participant number, but all have looked at who can loose the highest body fat percentage in a… Continue reading ASHA Fitness 8 in 5


“Welcome to Holland” and Parent Advocates

"Us versus them" That's often the mentality going into a difficult IEP meetings that involves lawyers, multiple service providers, and/or parent advocates. The other day, I caught myself thinking I would walk into a meeting, tell parents my testing results, and inform them what their child is or is not qualified for. I went to… Continue reading “Welcome to Holland” and Parent Advocates