SLP Graduate School Midterm

In undergrad, studying for a midterm in a course like Biology, math, history, etc. was more about the short-term. How little can I study in order to make an A or B? or What do I need to make in order to make my desired grade? I'm sure others may disagree with this mentality, but… Continue reading SLP Graduate School Midterm


The Wizard of Oz and SLPs

Have you ever thought ASHA was similar to the great Wizard of Oz? I gathered my thoughts, and I have found I enjoy a great many quotes quite relevant to my life: "Back where I come from, we have universities, seats of great learning, where men go to become great thinkers. And when they come… Continue reading The Wizard of Oz and SLPs


The Mind of an SLP graduate student

Graduate school in Speech-Language Pathology. *sigh* I have run through the gammot of words to describe grad school: In August 2011 it was: "exciting...new...awesome...learn everything...new textbooks....CLIENTS....treatment" In June 2012 it is: "overwhelming...almost done...new clients....internships...CFY...summer sucks...when is graduation" Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying my program, clients, and all things SLP; however, today it just… Continue reading The Mind of an SLP graduate student


Kenai Peninsula – Alaska

After a few years of Alaska dreaming, on May 2, 2012 I boarded a plane in Atlanta, Georgia to fulfill my dream. I had multiple purposes for the trip: observe 3 Speech-Language Pathologists, be a super touristy tourist, and figure out if I could live in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. I think my trip… Continue reading Kenai Peninsula – Alaska


SLP Graduate Program

  So after a few messages from some of my  Twitter followers (@SLPeepEcho) and some people who have come across my blog , I'm realizing it is difficult to find information about what a school's Graduate program is like. I have some insight into the University of West Georgia's Speech-Language Pathology Master's of Education Program. Just to… Continue reading SLP Graduate Program


#SinceWeBeingHonest + SLPeepEcho

I noticed #SinceWeBeingHonest is trending today on Twitter.  Beyond the use of auxiliary "be", I find it interesting so many people were compelled to share something honestly. I think I will join the #SinceWeBeingHonest bandwagon with some #SLPeep truthiness: #SinceWeBeingHonest SLP grad school is not as easy or as difficult as I imagined I imagined I would… Continue reading #SinceWeBeingHonest + SLPeepEcho