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Soundable: A Review

If you’re currently in an SLP undergraduate or graduate program, Soundable is your new  “Rosetta Stone®” for learning phonetics. I distinctly remember meeting in empty rooms with my undergrad friends taking turns yelling out words, then seeing who could phonetically spell it out the quickest. If only we had this app back then. Sure, you could practice workbooks or beg a friend to study for hours in the library – BORING! Read the rest of this review, download the app, go about your business, and let’s battle to the death playing Soundable!!! (or till we run out of tiles, details…details).

Cost: Free
– there is an in-app purchase option to remove ads if you get tired of them. This app is only available on iTunes at the moment.

What is Soundable?

The best description of the game comes straight from the website, “It’s like Scrabble® for friends who can’t spell!”I’ve always been a terrible speller, which is why the normal Scrabble game makes me turn up my nose. Soundable takes away the spelling component and brings back those early phonics skills they’ve become automatic with reading. Since the developers are Tactus Therapy and LessonPix, the quality is excellent and you can tell they put forth great effort into making this game streamlined and easy to play.

How do you play? (video tutorial here)

You start by selecting an opponent by looking up their username. Mine is “slp_echo” so you have someone to play when you get started.

  1. Pick an opponent
  2. Pick a game type
  3. Use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) or Phonics
  4. Spell words using sounds
  5. Battle your opponent until you’re an IPA and/or phonics master! #Soundable

Game Types: You can play a “Quick” or “Full Game” in Soundable. Meaning, you can play your opponent until the last tiles have been laid – OR – you can see who makes it to 200 first. Both have their challenges. In a quick game, you need to focus on getting the most points as quick as you can. In the “Full Game”, by the end, you might only have 1 consonant and like 6 vowels. Yikes! Either way, get ready for a challenge!SoundableScreenshot_FB

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Avaz for Autism – A Review

Avaz title

By Invention Labs

Purpose: Avaz for Autism is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app available for the iPad and Android tablets.

Price: $99.99 (For comparison, ProloQuo2Go is $189.99)

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Articulate It – A Review

Articulate It 

by Smarty Ears


An app for speech sound disorders to be utilized by Speech-Language pathologists. The app allows for targeting articulation or phonological processes at the word, phrase, and sentence level while collecting data. The app was recently updated to version 3.2.1 in April 2013, so there are new features to the app to check out.

Price: $38.99 

For comparison, there are similar professional apps targeting similar areas, such as ArtikPix $30Articulation Station $50, Weber Photo Artic Castle $30, Pocket Artic $10

Articulate It Home screen shot

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Rainbow Sentences – A Review

Rainbow Sentences

By The Mobile Education Store


The app is designed to help children learn how to create syntactically correct basic and complex sentences using color-coded visual prompts. Users engage and learn that sentences are comprised of essential word groupings which are ordered to help provide information regarding who, what, where, and how information.

Price: $7.99

rainbow sentences starter

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Apraxia Ville – A Review

Apraxia Ville

by Smarty Ears, LLC


Apraxia Ville is designed for use by Speech-Language Pathologists working with children diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech. The app targets consonants and vowels in isolation, at the word level (CV & CVC), and in word sets (CV + CV or CVC + CVC).

Price: $21.99 (just released March 20, 2013)

opening screen of Apraxia Ville by Smarty Ears

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

ASHA’s Position on the diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech says it “exists as a distinct diagnostic type of childhood speech sound disorders that warrants research and clinical services.” Furthermore, ASHA highlights three distinctive features SLPs should look for in addition to a comprehensive speech and language evaluation: (1) inconsistent errors on consonants and vowels in repeated productions of syllables/words, (2) irregular co-articulatory transitions between productions, and (3) excess, equal, and/or reduced prosody (intonation). These three features are not always present in every case of CAS occurrence, but help distinguish CAS from other speech sound disorders. Apraxia Ville targets the three main features ASHA mentions exceptionally well. Allow me to explain…

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Niki Time – A Review

Niki Time

By: Alessandro La Rocca


The app developer designed the app for use with children working on time concepts such as minutes, hour, half hour, days, months, weather, and seasons. Easy manipulation of the clock allows for instruction as well as interaction between a client and an SLP.

Price: $3.99



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Fun & Functional – A Review

Fun & Functional

by Smarty Ears 


The app was designed to target identifying and describing nouns. In addition, within the description the developer notes it has the potential to help increase descriptive vocabulary to aid in increased language comprehension and literacy (Bromley, 2007).

Price: $9.99

home screen pic

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Naming TherAppy – A Review

Naming TherAppy

by Tactus Therapy


“A word-finding app to help people with aphasia and children with special needs practice important naming and description skills.” I also find it useful for working with children and adults on expressive and receptive vocabulary, describing words, categorization, and other goals.

Price: $24.99, or try the Free, lite version of Language TherAppy which contains Naming TherAppy

Naming Therappy home page

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My PlayHome – A Review

My PlayHome 

by Shimon Young


“My PlayHome is a doll house for the iGeneration…where your child can use everything, even the closets, TV and shower…fry an egg and feed the family pizza. Where you can pour drinks, blow bubbles and turn out the lights.” (via the iTunes description).

Price: Full version, $3.99 (Lite version $Free)

home screen - my playhome

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Categories Learning Center: A Review

Categories Learning Center

by Smarty Ears


An app designed by SLPs to improve language comprehension for all age groups. More specifically, it was developed to target categorization skills to improve word finding, memory, and reading comprehension difficulties.

Price = $9.99

categories learning center start up page

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