Articulate It – A Review

Articulate It 

by Smarty Ears


An app for speech sound disorders to be utilized by Speech-Language pathologists. The app allows for targeting articulation or phonological processes at the word, phrase, and sentence level while collecting data. The app was recently updated to version 3.2.1 in April 2013, so there are new features to the app to check out.

Price: $38.99 

For comparison, there are similar professional apps targeting similar areas, such as ArtikPix $30Articulation Station $50, Weber Photo Artic Castle $30, Pocket Artic $10

Articulate It Home screen shot

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Speech FlipBook – A Review

Speech FlipBook

By: Tactus Therapy


A newly released app that allows users to target individual sounds in various positions (i.e. CV, VC, CVC, CCVC, CVCC, etc). Uses range from articulation therapy to phonological awareness, motor speech disorders, and more. Speech FlipBook relies on the letters and corresponding sounds, rather than images, to target thousands of word combinations.

Price: $4.99

Home Page - Speech FlipBook

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SLP Graduate School Interview Tips

While I am enjoying my transition into app review posts, I wanted step back into my continued interest in helping fellow graduate students and grad-student hopefuls. I’m still here, listening and swimming in the same boat.

There seems to be a flurry of acceptance letters and interview requests for those applying to SLP graduate schools starting this fall. So, what are they going to ask? What will you say? How can you dazzle them with your skills and talents? There are many sites with general interview questions (see Resources below). Yet, not many (I can’t find any, actually) to offer advice on interviewing for Speech-Language Pathology Graduate schools. Since every SLP graduate school interview process is different, questions vary by program. A comprehensive list would be impossible; yet as I always do, I went in search of evidence. Here are my findings to help you nail your interview!

Hammer and Nail

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