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Essential Social Media Tools for SLPs: Growth Starts Here

PediaStaff recently sponsored both a Learning Lab session and the Social Medial Learning Center booth (Featuring the #SLPeeps!) At both venues, we talked about why it is imperative that SLPs understand and embrace the world of social media that is taking our profession by storm. Whether you want to interact daily or prefer to sit back and listen, social media has become an invaluable resource for communicating with colleagues and staying on top of recent research and trends.

The booth and panel were both quite popular and visitors expressed an interest in learning more that they could take home with them to digest at their leisure. We anticipated that this would be the case, so together with other SLP bloggers and Tweeters, PediaStaff, co-authored and produced a simple e-book that will help us all. We will post the entire PDF next week, but in the meantime, please hop away and support all the fantastic contributors to this fantastic resource!


“Do you search the internet or do you search people?” – @gregkulowiec

Social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, and blogs make it easier to find information written by professionals while encouraging a love to learn. Although research articles have their necessary place in our profession, the distant, formalized writing style often leaves readers with information, but no connection. Building a Professional Learning Network (PLN) provides unlimited opportunities to connect and network globally with professionals sharing similar interests. Simply check in to see the latest conversations and trends of the profession.

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A New Song

At the 2012 ASHA Convention in Atlanta I wondered at the unique set of peoples I encountered. Everyone was eager to join sessions, share ideas, and offer words of encouragement to the newbies like me. There wasn’t a hint of selfishness of information; what helps one professional has the possibility to help thousands more when shared. The amount of evidence displayed and excellence of clinical translation encouraged everyone who attended. Since this was my first convention, I was astounded at the amount of work others from around the country are doing to advance the science and techniques of the profession…and I thought I was busy?!

In Dr. Maya Angelou’s key note address, she said “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” We all have a song to sing in the form of our profession. We perform our job based on evidence and training; yet it is more than that. There is a calling to help each patient, caregiver, and family, not out of a sense of duty; rather, from a sense of purpose and resolve to impact and further another person’s recovery and development.

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Places to try while at #ASHA12

Obviously food is not the MOST important reason to be excited for #asha12 , but I will go ahead and say Atlanta has some AMAZING restaurants. I have been Tweeting some of my favorites for a while now, but for those of you still not Tweeting or following the #asha12 hype, I thought I would post some places for you to consider while you are here. Shall we…

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ASHA Convention Posters: Tips and Suggestions

Since learning I made it into the battle rounds of presenting at #asha12 , I’ve asked around for advice on how to create these mystical posters. It is quite difficult to find an example online, much less how to go about putting one together. Have no fear, I’ve done all the work for those of you still searching.

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Flash Mob at #asha12

The shenanigans amongst the #slpeeps have been in full swing over in the Twitterverse. In the past few weeks, one big development has emerged which has me quite excited.

A Flash Mob.  Yep, so join in the fun and don’t forget to sign up here. Follow the details via Twitter using the hashtag #ashamob

Mob it Up

Check out the original post by @atklingensmith over at

Are we seriously doing this??

>>>Yes, Seriously>>



Check out the video:  #SLPeeps Flash Mob at ASHA 2012 

Direct Hire vs. Staffing Company – My Crossroads

I am at a crossroads. 

In May 2012, I traveled 5,000 +  miles  from Atlanta, Georgia to Kenai, Alaska (details in a previous post).During my 12 day stay, I observed 3 different SLPs – 2 in schools and 1 in private practice. After this visit, I was hooked. Now I want to live and work in Alaska as an SLP. Here we go.

On a beach in the Kenai Peninsula

Since then, I’ve flipped-flopped between waiting to work in Alaska until I finish my CF or actually doing my CF in Alaska. At the moment, I want to complete my CF in Alaska; so I’ve been looking into positions and exploring my options as both a direct hire or via staffing companies. Below is my experience with both school districts and staffing companies so far.

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The #SLPeeps at ASHA 2012 – Atlanta or Bust

So what’s been happenin’ in yalls neck o’ the woods? (as we say in the South) I’ve been busy with my new part-time medical internship at the hospital where I live. Loving the hospital setting, doing modified barium swallow studies (MBSSs), and seeing clients for both in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation and assessment. But, I digress…

Before the internet or even in the early 2000s, you had to read the ASHA leader, attend conventions, or call/write/telegram an SLP or AUD friend to find out the latest news. When Twitter launched in 2006, I distinctly remember saying, ” I will never use Twitter; that is for hipsters.”

Well here I am in 2012, using Twitter, and using it daily. Don’t judge me; if anything, you should join the ranks. I mentioned in a previous post  the common practice is to Google therapy ideas to supplement Evidence Based Practice. Well in order for Google to answer these requests, there must be someone to post the answer first. Other, more experienced SLPs have begun answering questions and posting ideas for others to find, such as: @SLPTanya @Azspeechguy , @speechtechie , @apujo5@Speechreka , @ActivityTailor , @mtmarySLP , and many, many more.

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Trends and EasySpeak Magazine

In 2010, Lemke and Dublinske published “Designing ASHA’s future: Trends for the association and the professions“. One of the 19 trends that stood out was the projected Generational Trend; specifically, how Generation Y (aka Millennials, born after 1982) are characterized as digital, “civic,” and connected. So they suggested professionals and ASHA should “relate to Millennials, who are expected to be a major force for social change as they enter their young adult, professional, and family stages of life development.” Talk about pressure on my (Millennial) generation.

I fit right into many of the stereotypes of the Millenial generation – clinging to technology and huddling to stay connected. As I read the article and proceeded to write my topic paper, my mind kept going back to EasySpeak Magazine.

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2012 ASHA Convention: Blogger_Echo

I was quite excited to learn I was chosen to be 1 of 3 official 2012 ASHA Convention Bloggers. The details of the selection process are a mystery to me but I like to imagine I was chosen because they heard of my newbie (semi-awesome) blog, my excitement to join the profession, and my ever-so-amateur photos I post on here as well. Or perhaps it is because there is a lack of blogs written by SLPs or student SLPs in the great state of Georgia, which just so happens to be hosting the convention. I tend to think it’s more the latter, but no matter the reason, here is where I string together letters and words to form what is my blog.

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2012 ASHA Convention – Try This Out

So you are going to the 2012 Atlanta ASHA Convention? Yes? Yes!

Besides all of the amazing things on the program to do (check it out), there may come a time you want to venture outside the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC). If you have never been to Atlanta, frequent only the convention centers and hotels, and/or you are a local here in the lovely ATL, may I make a  “#ASHA12 things-to-do” recommendation…


2012 ATL ASHA Convention place to eat and play

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