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Cause of Stuttering?? More than One Answer…

I recently wrote a paper for my Summer SLP Graduate course about Stuttering theories and treatments. My paper was entitled “The Impact of Developmental, Environmental, and Learning Factors on Stuttering” based on a Chapter in Barry Guitar’s textbook (sounds thrilling, I know). While I was not entirely excited about topic, it turned out to be more helpful than my doubtful #slp2b brain wanted to admit.

There is no one theory about the cause of stuttering. Some refer to genetics for their cause – “My dad and grandpa stuttered, so that’s why I do” – while others say it was the environment – “My mom punished me if I ever stuttered, but I ended up stuttering more”. Guitar’s (2006) textbook (Chapter 3) gives great insight into the generally accepted theories for causes of stuttering – I highly recommend his (expensive) textbook…

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