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A resource for those starting SLP Graduate School

Just a few years ago, I was sitting in my un-classy apartment in West Georgia impatiently waiting to start SLP grad school. It's been almost 3 years and I've learned one or 2 things. Last year, I wrote "Summer Reading List for New SLP Grad Students" . But, allow me to share something I wish… Continue reading A resource for those starting SLP Graduate School

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Effective Intervention for Expressive Grammar

It's Research Tuesday! This week is all about grammar. I am up to my knees in grammar goals. Pluralization. Past tense. Present progressive. Pronouns. Possessives. It's raining grammar in Alaska, folks...and I needed some guidance. Where better to get guidance than research. I didn't get all that schoolin' for nothin' (excuse my grammar, ha!) Article:… Continue reading Effective Intervention for Expressive Grammar

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Reading Comprehension Research

As a new SLP in the schools, one thing I feel inadequately prepared for is the reading comprehension difficulties I see in children with language disorders, as well as Autism spectrum disorders (ASD). I found this article which looked at 3 case studies for children with ASD.  The study discussed the application of reading comprehension techniques.… Continue reading Reading Comprehension Research


How I’m Avoiding being an Overwhelmed SLP-CF

What's most surprising about this first year as an SLP is how quickly I found my weaknesses. In SLP graduate school, the support is there. Ever-present even in the smallest of ways. Someone to answer a question, pick up your slack, support you, and even take over if necessary. There was always back-up. But all… Continue reading How I’m Avoiding being an Overwhelmed SLP-CF

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Blogging About Research – Phonemic Awareness in SLP Graduate Students

One of the perks of still being in graduate school means I have access to any and all journal articles since the dawn of time. Rachel at "Talks Just Fine" suggested a new blog installment where other #slpbloggers link up, and review current research within their scope of practice. I am all about this new venture!… Continue reading Blogging About Research – Phonemic Awareness in SLP Graduate Students


Summer Reading List for New SLP Grad Students

I've posted statistics, tips, ideas, and resources for applying to Speech-Language Pathology graduate school. For those of you who read them and used the ideas, thank you! For those of you who did not, that's OK, we can still be friends. I will get us one of those friendship necklaces. BFFs. I digress. This post… Continue reading Summer Reading List for New SLP Grad Students


Rainbow Sentences – A Review

Rainbow Sentences By The Mobile Education Store Purpose: The app is designed to help children learn how to create syntactically correct basic and complex sentences using color-coded visual prompts. Users engage and learn that sentences are comprised of essential word groupings which are ordered to help provide information regarding who, what, where, and how information. Price: $7.99 Uses Syntax: Shapiro… Continue reading Rainbow Sentences – A Review

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Naming TherAppy – A Review

Naming TherAppy by Tactus Therapy Purpose:  "A word-finding app to help people with aphasia and children with special needs practice important naming and description skills." I also find it useful for working with children and adults on expressive and receptive vocabulary, describing words, categorization, and other goals. Price: $24.99, or try the Free, lite version of… Continue reading Naming TherAppy – A Review

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Categories Learning Center: A Review

Categories Learning Center by Smarty Ears Purpose: An app designed by SLPs to improve language comprehension for all age groups. More specifically, it was developed to target categorization skills to improve word finding, memory, and reading comprehension difficulties. Price = $9.99 The Workings: The app opens to a Home page where the user can select… Continue reading Categories Learning Center: A Review

ASHA 2012 Convention

A New Song

At the 2012 ASHA Convention in Atlanta I wondered at the unique set of peoples I encountered. Everyone was eager to join sessions, share ideas, and offer words of encouragement to the newbies like me. There wasn't a hint of selfishness of information; what helps one professional has the possibility to help thousands more when… Continue reading A New Song