Pediatric dysphagia

Becoming an SLP Pediatric Feeding Therapist

I started out doing my SLP CF experience in a Kindergarten through First Grade Elementary School in Wasilla, Alaska. Now, I'm performing outpatient pediatric VFSS, learning about FEES, and treating complex infant dysphagia. I love how versatile the SLP profession can be. I haven't posted on here since 2018. I think about this blog often;… Continue reading Becoming an SLP Pediatric Feeding Therapist

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Attending the 2014 ASHA Convention

What a great first day here at the 2014 ASHA Convention in Orlando, Florida Here's a breakdown of my first day's adventures: 8:30-10:00 Opening General Session where theASHA president spoke and introduced the Key Note speakers, the Belafonte family. A few quotes from their speech: "I found out that the menu life put in front… Continue reading Attending the 2014 ASHA Convention

ASHA Convention

Representing #slp2b at #ASHA14

I'll be at the 2014 ASHA Convention in Orlando, Florida next week. Will you be there?   If you'll be there, tweet me @SLP_Echo or on WhatsApp as 'SLP Echo' while at convention. I'd love to meet some of my lovely readers! Here's a few of the places, events, and giveaways I'll be participating in: … Continue reading Representing #slp2b at #ASHA14


Suggestions for Writing a Letter of Intent

Historically, I've written several posts on writing a letter of intent and responding to essay prompts when applying to Speech-Language Pathology graduate school. But I have more to share. I have opinions and ideas based on my reading of 45 letters in the past 3 weeks. Ladies and you few gentlemen, read on to hear… Continue reading Suggestions for Writing a Letter of Intent

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Soundable: A Review

If you’re currently in an SLP undergraduate or graduate program, Soundable is your new  “Rosetta Stone®” for learning phonetics. I distinctly remember meeting in empty rooms with my undergrad friends taking turns yelling out words, then seeing who could phonetically spell it out the quickest. If only we had this app back then. Sure, you could practice workbooks or… Continue reading Soundable: A Review


Deciding to blog about SLP

I love to type my thoughts out. I started blogging in 2011 and it wasn't about who would read it. It was that I had these opinions and ideas that no one else was saying or sharing. Nobody wanted to address the lack of real information in the SLP  graduate school world. It was all… Continue reading Deciding to blog about SLP

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A resource for those starting SLP Graduate School

Just a few years ago, I was sitting in my un-classy apartment in West Georgia impatiently waiting to start SLP grad school. It's been almost 3 years and I've learned one or 2 things. Last year, I wrote "Summer Reading List for New SLP Grad Students" . But, allow me to share something I wish… Continue reading A resource for those starting SLP Graduate School

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“Less Competitive” SLP Graduate Schools discussion

I've recently become fascinated by the SLP sub category on It's an open forum for questions, links, and information; in this sub-Reddit (as they say), there has been quite the discussion on "less competitive" SLP graduate schools.  When I was applying, I didn't think any grad school was less competitive than another. I thought they… Continue reading “Less Competitive” SLP Graduate Schools discussion


Being the Youngest Expert in the Room

One thing about entering and graduating from a Master's program at a relatively young age means that in a room full of experts, I tend to be the youngest one. It's not a bad thing most of the time, and I'm probably the only one who quickly sizes up and estimates colleagues and parents' age.… Continue reading Being the Youngest Expert in the Room


Acceptance and Rejection

Were you accepted to an SLP graduate school? Or Did you receive one of those disheartening rejection letters? Acceptance letters. I remember opening the email that held the golden ticket. I jumped up, screamed, and danced around my apartment. I tried calling my answer. I just sat there and cried. I had already been… Continue reading Acceptance and Rejection