SLP Graduate School Personalities

Will you fit into the SLP graduate school personalities?

#SLBeeps – Type B SLPs

I think the letter of intent for SLP graduate school is like the Tinder  of the  Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Graduate School entry. There’s a group of professors sitting around chatting about the profiles of SLP hopefuls. Professor X saying “this one looks promising!…oh…wait…hold on… she made a B in History her Freshman year…SWIPE LEFT bitches”. But she’s a dazzling personality who will charm the pants off patients young and old!

Ugh. The struggle. If only.

You can’t fit your entire glamouring personality into an online application. There were some dynamic female personalities in my SLP graduate school class of 2013 at the University of West Georgia. I made good grades in undergrad and volunteered at every event that even remotely looked good on a resume. And to help the peoples, obviously. But mostly for the resume. #SorryNotSorry But the overall feel of my class was that we were all pretty interesting people. Taste level is everything.

But I am the most disorganized paper person. Give me something on paper and there it goes. In my car. In a random notebook or purse. Where it goes no one knows. Byyyyeeee! I never made check lists or time lines; never ask me about the details of things. But I was dope with a computer. Still am. I can organize my Google Drive where my folders in folders would impress you.

Somewhere within all those applications,  after charming the professors with my grades, I guess my personality won out too. When considering application to a university you’ve never been to, don’t undercut the importance of mentioning your personality traits in a letter of intent, for example. You can be as organized or laid back as possible, but if you can’t walk into a therapy session and win over a patient, then your Straight A’s and high GPA won’t mean shit. Personality in grad school will win you a friend or two; but take the time to learn what works for you and OWN IT. Be an extrovert. Be an introvert. VERT HOW YOU PLEASE.

That is all.

Applying to Graduate School for Speech-Language Pathology

Rising Seniors in Speech-Language Pathology and/or Communication Sciences and Disorders programs think of one thing during the summer: Where will I apply for Grad School?  At least that’s how it was for me. Questions begin forming as the impending nature of applications loom…

How much are application fees? Do they have an out-of-state tuition waiver for Audiology? Is my GRE score high enough? Will my GPA be good enough? How much is tuition? What are the professors like in each program? Is the program more medical or education based? Does the Master’s program require a thesis and/or completion test?

I wanted to share ideas and inspiration for those applying to graduate school and about to start a graduate program.

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SLP Graduate Program


So after a few messages from some of my  Twitter followers (@SLPeepEcho) and some people who have come across my blog , I’m realizing it is difficult to find information about what a school’s Graduate program is like.

I have some insight into the University of West Georgia’s Speech-Language Pathology Master’s of Education Program. Just to be clear, I have no personal or financial investment in the program; just a desire to share my experiences from going here for both my Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in SLP:

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