What it takes: Socks and Reason for an SLP2B

What does it take to qualify as an applicant for an SLP graduate program?
Answer: High quality socks and a reason to stand out

I wonder at how other undergraduate majors can attend class, maintain an adequate GPA, and be equally passionate about their field, yet the stress and endless quest to stand out just doesn’t seem the same. When the base degree to work as an SLP is a Masters degree, SLP undergraduates must think 5 steps ahead. Always thinking: How will this B impact my GPA?; where can I fit in more volunteer hours?; can I put this on my résumé?

Imagine you are drowning and someone hands you the application checklists for 5 universities….this is similar to applying to graduate school for Speech-Language Pathology. Pardon my drama because it is all worth it, and thankfully there are resources out there to keep you floating. So how do those socks and reason come into play? Allow me to explain.

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