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So after a few messages from some of my  Twitter followers (@SLPeepEcho) and some people who have come across my blog , I’m realizing it is difficult to find information about what a school’s Graduate program is like.

I have some insight into the University of West Georgia’s Speech-Language Pathology Master’s of Education Program. Just to be clear, I have no personal or financial investment in the program; just a desire to share my experiences from going here for both my Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in SLP:

The Carrollton, Georgia Area: 

  • Carrollton is located here – Map of UWG – 1 hour West of Atlanta on Interstate 20
  • 1601 Maple Street, Carrollton, GA – address for campus
  • No public transportation – the Taxi’s are all right – never used one though.
  • Lots of churches and friendly people
  • Some areas are better than others – the area right around campus is rural. If you stray to far off-campus, there is basically nothing but farmland and houses.
  • Shopping – Wal-mart, Target (older), Belk (randomly by itself), K-Mar (sketchy), Big Lots, lots of dollar stores, local boutiques and shops on the Town Square, the closest mall is about 30 minutes away in Douglasville, GA or 45 minutes in Newnan, GA
  • Eateries – O’ Charleys, Ruby Tuesdays, IHOP, Olive Garden, typical fast food places, good local places like the Irish pub, Little Hawaiian, Plates on the Square, etc
  • On-Campus – Starbucks, Einstein Brother Bagels, Java City, Cafeteria food (Z-6), Subway, Chick-fil-A (sell their food, not actual restaurant), pizza, convenience store (expensive)
  • The Library is now open 24/5 and newly remodeled

Living Possibilities:

  • I lived at Campus Quad Apartments for 3 years. You rent by the room (2-4 bedrooms). It was better than on-campus housing. Since UWG does not have Graduate housing, the choices for living are off-campus. College students are the main residents.
  • The Grove is an equally good choice for off-campus housing. It is closer (walking distance) to the college and houses mainly college-students
  • Both Campus Quad and The Grove have security, gated entrances and shuttles to-and-from school 5 days a week.
  • Public Transportation. None. The University runs a shuttle to The Grove and Campus Quad, but doesn’t make any other stops.

University of West Georgia Speech and Hearing Clinic

On-Campus Speech and Hearing Clinic:

  • We have both Adult and Children clientele from the community who pay for our services
  • Clients know the clinicians are students, but under the supervision of an CCC-SLP Supervisor
  • In the Fall of the First year graduate students, most graduate clinicians have 1 or 2 clients, depending on the clinic schedule and number of clients. I have had 2 clients both semesters so far.
  • In the Summer’s, Clinic is geared more towards camps for experience with group therapy



  • We have a Facebook Page and a Google Site
  • We have monthly meetings where we try to get speakers on SLP -AUD topics and discuss progress made.
  • Active on-campus and in the community
  • Large part of Undergraduate participation

I’m not sure what else would be good to share, but I’m always open to answer any questions. Feel free to contact me at

A comic in hopes the rest of this semester flies by #SLP2be


5 thoughts on “SLP Graduate Program”

  1. Great information, mainly about the physical atmosphere of the school. I was looking for juicy information about the program itself…but I’m sure you have nothing bad to say about your school (winks) 🙂 I’m thinking of doing something like this for the Certificate Program at my school…I mostly haven’t disclosed my area because I’m paranoid and I’d like to keep confidentiality until I leave this place. But maybe I’ll keep my pro’s and con’s ‘general’ since I don’t want anything coming back to bite me in the arse.

    1. At this point in the process, I just want others to know what the program is like and I never mind an e-mail from someone who has a question. Love the way blogs and twitter let people connect from so far away!

  2. Ugh. I just wrote a long comment, and it didn’t save bc I wasn’t logged in. Basically I might do something like this for the Certificate Program I’m finishing except I’ll keep all my negative comments to myself! 🙂

  3. Dear blogger,

    I was curious about your thoughts about the overall experience. We’re professors supportive? Did you pass the praxis? Did you feel prepared for clinical and when you started your CFY?


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