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How much do SLPs make?

In Spring 2021, ASHA conducted a survey of SLPs and their annual income. Across all facility types, the Median annual income was $78,000 with the higher (75th percentile) salary reaching $90,000. Good to know ASHA, thank you very much. Complete Document I nerd-ed up another level though and went to the Census Data - here.… Continue reading How much do SLPs make?

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My Top 5 Pediatric Feeding Disorder CEUs

I have had the direct pleasure of some excellent in-person mentors along my journey to learn and work with Pediatric Dysphagia and Feeding Disorders. Those who mentored me gave me the best gift - the gift of guided ways to invest in continuing education. *I'm NOT being paid by any of these CEU providers. I… Continue reading My Top 5 Pediatric Feeding Disorder CEUs

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Becoming an SLP Pediatric Feeding Therapist

I started out doing my SLP CF experience in a Kindergarten through First Grade Elementary School in Wasilla, Alaska. Now, I'm performing outpatient pediatric VFSS, learning about FEES, and treating complex infant dysphagia. I love how versatile the SLP profession can be. I haven't posted on here since 2018. I think about this blog often;… Continue reading Becoming an SLP Pediatric Feeding Therapist


SLP Graduate School Personalities

Will you fit into the SLP graduate school personalities? I think the letter of intent for SLP graduate school is like the Tinder  of the  Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Graduate School entry. There's a group of professors sitting around chatting about the profiles of SLP hopefuls. Professor X saying "this one looks promising!...oh...wait...hold on...… Continue reading SLP Graduate School Personalities

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Private Speech Therapy in Alaska

I've been working in a Developmental and Behavioral Clinic since August 2017 here in Wasilla. It's been a whirlwind start full of 50 "new" things to learn. The thing about being a Speech-Language Pathologist is that you never know all you're going to know. It's a never ending cycle of  self-talk like this: "Oh, I… Continue reading Private Speech Therapy in Alaska


An SLP in Alaska: Making Waves & Taking Names

Since my last update, I've been having fun exploring new SLP assignments for work within the Mat-Su Borough School District. My week often looks like this: Mondays, Tuesday, Fridays: Providing speech therapy services for homeschool students enrolled in our school district. Families bring their kids in to work with me for 30 minutes to an… Continue reading An SLP in Alaska: Making Waves & Taking Names


Cautionary Optimism for SLP2B

Are you jaded yet upon applying to SLP graduate school?  I've been an SLP now for 3 years following 6 straight years of school. I'm not one that can complain about being rejected from every program, but on behalf of those who are, AHHHH!!! There's a system at work that not many are aware of… Continue reading Cautionary Optimism for SLP2B

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Attending the 2014 ASHA Convention

What a great first day here at the 2014 ASHA Convention in Orlando, Florida Here's a breakdown of my first day's adventures: 8:30-10:00 Opening General Session where theASHA president spoke and introduced the Key Note speakers, the Belafonte family. A few quotes from their speech: "I found out that the menu life put in front… Continue reading Attending the 2014 ASHA Convention

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Representing #slp2b at #ASHA14

I'll be at the 2014 ASHA Convention in Orlando, Florida next week. Will you be there?   If you'll be there, tweet me @SLP_Echo or on WhatsApp as 'SLP Echo' while at convention. I'd love to meet some of my lovely readers! Here's a few of the places, events, and giveaways I'll be participating in: … Continue reading Representing #slp2b at #ASHA14


Suggestions for Writing a Letter of Intent

Historically, I've written several posts on writing a letter of intent and responding to essay prompts when applying to Speech-Language Pathology graduate school. But I have more to share. I have opinions and ideas based on my reading of 45 letters in the past 3 weeks. Ladies and you few gentlemen, read on to hear… Continue reading Suggestions for Writing a Letter of Intent